Green Cleaning

​"Green does not come in a bottle... Green is a practice"

With the growing demand for Green Cleaning Services, it may be difficult to discover which services is truly Green or actually a Green Pretender. Green Clean Institute certification is one sure way to know that you are working with a trained and certified company.

Allied International earned their certification as a certified Green janitorial firm and was the first janitorial firm in Georgia to receive this designation. This means that a cleaning service does more than place a few Green cleaning products on their carts. Green clean Institute Certified firms understand the necessary practices of Green cleaning. The confusion comes from the constant promotion of products as the only solution. Green does not simply come in a bottle Green is a practice.

Knowing how to Green clean a building is as important as what products are being used. Training and certification means that a company provides more than a token effort in Green building operation. A janitorial firm should understand the impact of indoor Air Quality (IAQ), dwell time of Green products, product innovation, bioaccumulation, and assist in the installing of simple practices that have a major impact on the health quotient of a building.

As a Green Clean Institute Certified cleaning Service, Allied International incorporates Green Chemicals, Green Equipment and incorporates the appropriate practices to truly - clean green. Green buildings are important to the health of everyday workers since EPA studies have shown that Americans spend 90%

of their time indoors. The same study indicates that indoor air quality can be 2 to 5 times worse than

the outdoor air with its standard pollution.

Issues such as Sick Building syndrome and Building Related Illness stem form the Indoor Air Quality

of our buildings, and no services is as critical to this factor as your cleaning service. Many cleaning chemicals contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which create acute and chronic illnesses.

Workers and students with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities are the first to suffer form these invisible fumes in office air. Just like the issue of second hand smoke, cleaning chemicals are

now understood to be a serious issues in the health quality of any building.

Green cleaning is a return to a safe and sane approach to cleaning. The people who bring the Green

to any office are the cleaning crews who often go unnoticed but do a general cleaning each night.

Most companies do not carry a full line of Green products or know how Green happens in an office. The Green Clean Institute is an independent national training organization that deals with corporate accomplishments of its latest graduate, Allied International.

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